Danish Krag

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Danish Krag

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I plan to shoot my Danish Krag in the CMP Vintage Military Rifle match...I'm now looking for any load data I can use for reloading...to'date I plan to use 8X56R Hungarian brass and I'm now on the hunt for bullets to be used...Thanks for a great forum...Cheers/John

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Re: Danish Krag

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http://www.kragcollectorsassociation.co ... 893#p17893

I deleted my post from last nigh since it would not have been helpful. i did not understand the 8X56 case was so large evidently can be formed from 45/70!
The link above is should be good in case things get moved around in the future.
Thanks, Br

Mainly posted to draw more attention to your request.
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Re: Danish Krag

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Check "Older Threads" category toward top of page; I 'bumped' an old thread with some Danish 'recipes'.

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Re: Danish Krag

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I have been very satisfied with the 8x56R brass for a number of years now.

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