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Re: Krag ID help

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The spirals cuts, inside of a rifle bore, are called "rifling". It is composed of "lands" and "grooves".

IMHO - The 6.5 X 55mm Norwegian/Swedish cartridge is rather fussy about bore condition, compared to the U.S. Krag.
A poor bore may fail to stabilize the 6.5 mm bullet and some projectiles will be inaccurate and make "key-hole" hits, on the target.

A lot of .30 caliber U.S. Krag rifles seem to shoot well, even with rough bores.

BTW - The Norwegian Krag rifle is one of the very few arms that has 'left-handed' barrel threads.

Link to Numrich site - enter, Norwegian Krag, in their search window:

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Re: Krag ID help

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Thank you for all the help in terminology, identification, and other fact regarding the rifle. Once I get a handle on the potential value I will know how to proceed with completing the restoration process. I will keep you in the loop.


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Re: Krag ID help

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Hopefully, you will find a gunsmith who knows what he is doing.

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