S4!tty memory

European Krags
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S4!tty memory

Post by Chickenthief »

Someone here is writhng a fine book on Krags.
He has asked me to do photos and descriptions on Danish Krag cartridges.

I'm a scatterbarin and al but Justain Baird is lost in here.
If that's you and you still need info Justain then please pop me a mail!
I have a clear patch for the moment!

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Re: S4!tty memory

Post by butlersrangers »

'Chickenthief' - I bumped the thread ("Pictures for a Krag Book") that has Justin's email in it.

The thread should now appear near the top of 'European Krags'.

Justin's screen name is 'skillest' and email is: justin.bairdy@gmail.com

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Re: S4!tty memory

Post by skillest »

Hey! Just saw this post, I'll be sure to email you back as soon as I can

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