A takedown Norwegian

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A takedown Norwegian

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Re: A takedown Norwegian

Post by butlersrangers »

That is an interesting solution to a non-existent problem.
That Norwegian 'take-down' carbine/sporter is nice and compact, even when fully assembled!

(Don't let the Liberal Politicians find out about 'take-down' rifles, they will wet their pants)!

I considered using this Idea with a 'parts' U.S. Krag sporter, that I assembled, but didn't see the utility in having a 'take-down' short rifle.
Now, if it was allowed as 'carry-on' luggage at airports and on public transport, that would be awesome!
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Re: A takedown Norwegian

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If you are "packing" in to a remote hunting camp it may be easier to transport.....other than that I dont see the need either
But it is interesting and has a "cool" factor

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Re: A takedown Norwegian

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I missed this earlier. Never saw a Scandinavian take-down rifle before.

Take-downs in general fascinate me. I view them as a by-product of industrialization. Here's my US-based spin: Men came from the countryside to work in factories in urban areas. At some point, factory management realized that work progressed better if valued employees had some time off. Vacations came into being. Rail transportation was more efficient or reliable than any other means of the time. Vacation time & rail transport made hunting trips possible.

Just as many thieves then as now. Full-length rifles were easily recognized, easily stolen & easily fenced. Vacation hunting trips were ruined. Take-down rifles could be hidden in a suitcase. Thieves were foiled, at least to some degree. Must have worked. I have had several. Winchester Single Shots, 92s, 94s, 97s, Model 12s, etc.; Marlin lever actions & shotguns, I have a 93. Savage 99s, and IIRC, the 1920 Savage.

When workers had their own cars and roads were improved to make long-distance drives possible, the demand for take-downs dropped off. No demand, no longer offered.

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