A Possible Future Range Experiment

Sporterized and unofficial modified Krags
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Re: A Possible Future Range Experiment

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My must apologize for missing this interesting post. I've used many of the no drill sights and have a few opinions about features and benefits.

Where you thinking of just comparing a few random guns with the various sights? Or would the experiment require one Shooter, one rifle, same ammunition at the same fixed distance and switch sights on same gun??

I was thinking we could have some fun soliciting range results from some Krag shooters who have No Drill sight equipped guns. That would surely start some fun discussion. Just lay down a few common test conditions.
100 yards, jacketed bullets, bench rest, 5 shot groups to start? Photo the rear sight, the rifle and target. Post the results with comments about the equipment and results. That may jump start your one man range experiment.

I'll volunteer to test my modified 98 with Lyman rear sight. I am biased but promise to offer a fair test.

Jeff The Caterpillar Man
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Re: A Possible Future Range Experiment

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Wow, Jeff! It looks like you have the "Rolls Royce" of Lyman striker-rod 'peep' sights.

I'm going to be vacationing for a while, so it will be late summer until I get around to testing three sights, (Rice, Redfield 102-K, and Pacific K1).

My current plan is to use all three sights on a model 1896 Krag that was 'cut down' to carbine length and wears a 1903 Springfield front sight.
If I use a screw-in aperture on the Pacific and Redfield, the sight-hole will approximate the aperture-opening of the Rice.

Using one rifle, with one accurate load, 5-shot groups from the Bench at 100 yards sounds like a good standard.

What load do you think you will use? (I am considering 168 to 180 grain jacketed projectiles).

I am going to be focused on comparing the group sizes I can produce using these three basic sight models. (No micrometer-knobs at this time for me, but probably at a later time).
Hopefully, the groups will be centered near the point of aim and the sight adjustment screws will allow getting the point of aim to coincide with the center of five-shot groups.

I am very curious about how well your Lyman 'striker-mount' sight will perform!

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