Sticker Shock

Sporterized and unofficial modified Krags
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Sticker Shock

Post by butlersrangers »

I spent part of the morning going through 30-some pages of Krag related 'GunBroker' listings.
I don't do this often, anymore and prices are pretty scary.
The duplicity of some listings and creativity of description displayed by some vendors is truly amazing.

I didn't see any bargains or anything I had a strong urge to own!

A couple of oddities caught my attention:

A "Cuban" stock marking on a Krag, that the vendor acknowledges to be fake.

An R.F. Sedgley Krag Sporter that appears to never have been completed. (IMHO - The photo taken of the bore reveals it to be not so good).

It doesn't cost to look, and it is mental exercise unraveling the hype and mysterious origins of some items that are listed.
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Re: Sticker Shock

Post by FredC »

That barrel stamp sure looks impressive. Made me think of Mr. Kleinguenther. He got pushed out of his original company and started over again, he made some good rifles for a time and with his reputation he had racks full of customer rifles to modify. After a while he became senile and died. There must have been hundreds of unfinished rifles there when he died. The last time I was there he was working alone with no trainee that could have carried on and finished them.

That was the first thing that came to my mind, another possibility is the fellow that commissioned it ran out of money and took possession of the incomplete Krag.

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