Credit Where Credit Is Due

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Credit Where Credit Is Due

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From a May 3, 1900 American Machinist article:

Tool Design At Springfield Armory
Editor American Machinist:
Referring to your article about the Springfield National Armory, published in your issue No. 12, I beg to state that although I give due credit to the inventive ability of my friend Mr. John Murphy, I must say that I am the man who was head draftsman in the Armory right after the time when the Krag Jorgensen gun was to be manufactured - that is, October, 1892, to October, 1894 - and that it was I who designed or had designed most of the tools, fixtures, jigs and contrivances for the manufacture of the new gun, both for the parts being manufactured in the Hill shops and for those being made in the Water shops. When I left the Armory on account of ill health, over 1,000 guns had been turned over.
J.A. Labram
Levallois, France

This must have been a burr under his saddle. It is kind of hard to undo what was aready written, but he may have gotten some satisfaction for his attempted correction. ... frontcover

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