"The Coming Man" of 1881 Is Here

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"The Coming Man" of 1881 Is Here

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Below is a cartoon from The San Francisco Wasp in 1881. It depicts a Chinese man bringing his goods to America while American workers protest in the lower right-hand corner. Clothing goods was touted as one of the industries that China would take over. They have succeeded in that regard plus many industries yet to be invented after 1881. I remember some years ago going to the local "farm and barn" store to buy a Carhart coat only to find they were made in China. Many other items. Including tires. I work for the only American owned farm tire manufacturer. We are hanging on. This plant I started to work for in 1982 employed up to 1800 people at one time. We are now around 300 employees.

This cartoon would be considered xenophobic by today's standards. I don't care what others may call it. I call it prophetic. It was a long time coming since 1881, but it happened.
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