1901 Rifle sight vs 1901 Carbine sight

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1901 Rifle sight vs 1901 Carbine sight

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So as far as I can tell from research the lower plate with tightening knob is the same rifle vs carbine, I don't have a carbine lower plate or top plate so if you have any corrections please comment.
Now the base is graduated differently along with the ladder,
the top sight plate is different on the rifle as the sight notch is offset to account for the drift seen in rifles and not in the shorter barreled carbines,
The peep is narrower than the rifle version, due to that offset
Now the rifle peep, top plate, lower plate can be fitted to the carbine ladder, the only modification is to narrow the peep plate.
The rifle top plate is offset so as you narrow the peep plate you must account for this if you want the windage setting to match with both the top plate and peep.
I had a bent up rifle sight and a carbine ladder and base, so I fit the peep to the carbine ladder going very slow with even strokes on a file, and when I got within 10 thousandths I switched to a Arkansas stone and started to narrow the peep only on the right side to align it with the top plate sight.
Now go very slow and check frequently.
So if a top plate on a carbine sight needs replaced with a more commonly available rifle top plate as we saw on another members carbine, the sight notch will be offset compared to the original carbine top plate.
Just kicking around working on both my pickup and krag today, I had a crack in the tang area that I had to acraglas up along with bedding the rear tang to prevent it from cracking again, so now I'll have contact with both the rear of the magazine and the tang, so that should be all good, well my short rifle was down I figured I would get that carbine sight on it.
Hope this helps anyone with 1901 sight confusions as I had, please correct me here if I am mistaken with any of my noted differences or if you have anything to add.
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Also for tips on sight dissasembly,
I first loosen the top plate screw 1 turn, then use a dulled thumb tack to punch the small pin on the opposite side, NOTE this pin aligns the top plate and contains the tightening knob, there is a groove on the tightening knob screw that this pin stops it from unscrewing fully, so when removing this pin be sure the tightening knob is fully turned in, clockwise, otherwise it can put more pressure on the pin and make removal difficult and likely the force needed will damage the pin. This pin is driven from the bottom of the ladder for removal!
If removal of the ladder is needed, use a small rubber jawed clamp to compress the ladder toward the base by the ladder pin, this will relieve pressure and make removal of the ladder pin easier
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Re: 1901 rifle sight vs 1901 Crabine sight

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Completed 1901 carbine sight with rifle peep and rifle top plate, note my peep could have been more offset to the right for slightly better alignment with the rifle top plate sight, but I decided to go more on center as that is my main long range sight so when the sight is folded down my windage may be off but I only use that when shooting within 100 yards so it should be close enough.
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Re: 1901 Rifle sight vs 1901 Carbine sight

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Zac952 - Thanks for your write-up on adapting & fitting a rifle "peep-plate" to the 1901 carbine 'leaf'.

Here are some 1901 sight pics that may be of help to others:

1. Side by side view of carbine and rifle versions.

2. & 3. Top and side-view of a recent acquisition.
krag 1901 sights compared.jpg
krag 1901 sights compared.jpg (120.52 KiB) Viewed 353 times
Krag 1901-carb1.jpg
Krag 1901-carb1.jpg (350.2 KiB) Viewed 353 times
Krag 1901-carb2.jpg
Krag 1901-carb2.jpg (181.34 KiB) Viewed 353 times

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