It's me again

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Doubly Reincarnated
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It's me again

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Hi Guys,

Locally, there's a lady who uses that intro. She sells enhanced brassieres to women who have had breast cancer. But in my case, I'm still Waterman. I was disappeared in the recent anti-spam drive. That happened once before, when I could not log on using my waterman pseudonym. Still an unreconstructed Kragite, I signed up as Reincarnated. Then the Krag site went through another gyration and I could no longer appear to be Reincarnated, but was restored to be Waterman.

That worked well, but AT&T decided that my wife and I lacked sufficient moral fibre to participate in their services. We were forced to change to e-mail accounts with a ending, a doubly major PITA. I again returned as Waterman, until the most recent anti-spam purge. Somehow, my address was removed and my non-functional address was restored to the Krag website. I haven't been able to unsnarl that ball of yarn, so I'm back as Doubly Reincarnated.

Still like Krags and I'm still a Stevens-Pope, Charles Winder and W. Milton Farrow enthusiast.

Still on the Left Coast, shot my Spaghetti Hiwall in .30-40 Krag this AM, getting ready for a long range match where they don't allow those rifles with handles on the side.

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