The power of . . .

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The power of . . .

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I felt a strong need to resolve my ‘96 sporter Krag sight differential. This went on for awhile. The first part involved our brilliant forum and the general chatter which led to pose a few questions. Then I sat back and let my subconscious grind on the info taken in. After much time I had studied the words of wisdom, took measurements, thought about the option and finally, capping things off - I grabbed a file, the rifle and some loads. Off to the range, 100 yards, off the bench, with a rest. My chosen load was the 110gr RN @ ~2000fps as suggested by BR. The first day, after applying the file to the front sight blade, taking it down to almost the calculated line I fired the first shot. High and right. Apply the file. Shoot! Better. Still a bit right. By the 4th & 5th shots I was on the bullseye center line. Always the same point of aim, and still a bit to the right. End of the day.

Second day, using the windage adjust on the rear sight, I adjusted to point to the right. Completing this course of fire put 3 in the bull’s eye, #5 just to the left of the vertical center and right on the horizontal line. Thanks to Butlers Rangers and all the rest of you for the info that contributes to the enjoyment of these fine rifles.

Now, if I can just manage to add the photo of the target . . .
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