S. James Gooding - Canadian Journal of Arms Collecting

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S. James Gooding - Canadian Journal of Arms Collecting

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A distinguished Canadian author, publisher and gun collector/authority was a man named S. James Gooding.

I met this distinguished gentleman, when I was about 15 years old, at a gun show in my home town and maintained this acquaintanceship into my 40's.

'Jim' published a 'Quarterly' gun-collector magazine called the "Canadian Journal of Arms Collecting", (IIRC, for over 40 years).
He routinely had a table at Michigan gun shows, where he had a treasure trove of publications on Canadian, U.S., French and British fur-trade, Military Arms and sporting-arms.
These very reasonably priced high quality pamphlets and books were published by his firm, The Museum Restoration Service.
James was always kind and generous with his encyclopedic knowledge.

He was truly known by gun & military authors, Museum Curators, and collectors, on a first name basis, World Wide!

I lost track of James Gooding, when he retired from publishing and stop attending Michigan Gun Shows. Apparently, he died suddenly in Kingston, Ontario, in 2012.

He came to mind, yesterday.
I was digging for information on a U.S. model 1873 'trap-door' Springfield appendage and found a British reference to a 1988, C.J.A.C. article, by S.J.G.
I dug through my stack of C.J.A.C. magazines, this morning, and found the old article.
It confirmed the bore-mirror device was the ingenuity of U.S. Army Capt. A.H. Russell.

Rest in Peace, 'James'; you were a good man and a mentor to many! You sure knew your stuff and blazed a trail.
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