Goofball cat.

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Re: Goofball cat.

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Cats do seem to have a sense of humor. They seem to have the ability to run with "light and heavy paws". This one and the last one especially used to walk with me at night. They would stop while I continued on. Then they would run at me with light paws till they get real close then switch to heavy paws. At night you can almost feel the quiet then in an instant it seems like you are about to be run over by a charging lion or something. Hard not to jump out of your skin as they come flying by. I am aware of the last 2 doing this so it is probably a cat thing. Probably a hunting skill to make small game jump up as they close in, I bet they hone this skill as kittens by practicing on each other.
Assuming getting a fright cleans out your arteries they may be improving your longivity by doing this, if cats can laugh this is when they do it.

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Re: Goofball cat.

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Why Cats act the ways they do!
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Re: Goofball cat.

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They do keep the rodent population under control.
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