.30-40 in a parallel universe

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.30-40 in a parallel universe

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Another quick outing with the 'sportered' model 1899 Remington-Lee.
I switched from a 3/4" tube Weaver 440 scope (4 power) to a Weaver 1" K-3 (2 1/2 power). Less magnification, but a whole lot brighter and with nice duplex crosshairs.

I bore-sighted the scope at 50 yards, until the view of the crosshairs and view down the barrel closely matched.

I sighted-in at 50 yards with a reduced load, using 26 grains of IMR-4198, 152 grain M-2 projectiles, WW cases and RWS primers.
The first shot nicked the 4"X4" 'post-it' note, I centered on. I over-adjusted 'windage' and the second shot nicked the right edge of the 'post-it'.
Another correction and I fired a three-shot group that was better centered.
(I suspect this reduced load may perform better in my Krag carbine; the Remington may prefer a full-power load with the M-2 projectile).

Two things about the Remington-Lee:
1. The trigger is single-stage and much heavier than a Krag's. It did not release at the point I wanted.
2. Rapid Fire is out! The Bolt-Throw is long and does not work fast; the cocking-piece will stab the shooter's cheek or "poke his eye out", unless the head is moved.
(The model 1899 does not have the smoothness or ergonomics of a Krag or Lee-Enfield).

A second load was fired at 50 yards, without changing the scope adjustments. The load consisted of a 110 grain Sierra round nose bullet (made for the M1 Carbine) and 26 grains of IMR-4198.
The 5-shot group fit within a 2-inch circle. Shots placed 1 to 3 inches 'north-east' of where the 152 grain projectiles had printed.
The change of bullet 'point of impact' was expected, but the load did not make a small 'cloverleaf' group, like it has with a Krag.

It will be fun trying other loads to find combinations that this altered Remington-Lee, really likes! Improving the trigger-pull would likely aid in shrinking groups.
My main takeaway, though, is that a Krag is a lot quicker action and more rewarding to shoot!
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