IMR 4198 And Confusing (to me) Load Data

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Re: IMR 4198 And Confusing (to me) Load Data

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IMR-4759 was not made or available for a whole lot of years. There was a ton of Data available for using it in old Black Powder cartridges and cast-bullet loads, but the powder was not available. I never understood why?

One day, about four years ago, I was at the Williams Gunsight Company's Store. They had a whole shelf full of it, at a good price.
I bought a pound to have it on my reloading shelf for special uses. Now, I've used a bit of it, but don't want to develop any loads with it, because it's no longer available.

These are the times that try men's souls .... Dumbass powder companies keep changing stuff & ownership, discontinue good stuff, make new stuff with no data for old calibers, and charge exorbitant prices!

I blame China, Corporate Greed, 'Brandon' and hoarders!

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Re: IMR 4198 And Confusing (to me) Load Data

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"Dumbass powder companies". I been trying for years to get Austin Powder to start up a nitrocellulose production line at their nearby industrial explosives plant. We have lots of sawdust, that's about the only natural resource left in the area.

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Re: IMR 4198 And Confusing (to me) Load Data

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In my 30-40 Krag reloading world I've used IMR 4198 with many cast bullet combinations for many years. The Lyman Cast bullet manuals (old and new) always list IMR 4198 for use with 170 to 200 grain cast bullets. My best cast bullet accuracy with IMR 4198 with 200 Grain bullet low power loads are in the 23 Grains range. Consult the manuals. If you consult a relative burn rate chart for smokeless powders, you will find IMR 4198 in the mid range. Faster burning than other popular IMR rifle powders like IMR 4895 and others that are more popular with jacketed bullets.

SR4759 now discontinued was another popular powder for low speed Cast bullets in our Krags. Data is still in the Lyman cast bullet manual. Sometimes you get lucky, I just found 5 cans of the last SR4759 at an estate sale. No one wanted them. Ha! I bought them for cheap and hoard them for special match loads now. Best groups I ever shot in my Krags were with SR4759. Insert hoarder emoji here. ;)

Jeff The Caterpillar Man

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