My first US Krag, an 1899 Carbine

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Re: My first US Krag, an 1899 Carbine

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Looks as though it *should* be square, although maybe a trick of the light is making the ladder appear chipped.


Incidentally, Mr. Hosmer, wanted to make sure you had received my thanks for your help over on another forum - I think I sent you a message after your gracious reply, but sometimes my PMs disappear into the ether...!

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Re: My first US Krag, an 1899 Carbine

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Good Eye, Dick & Parashooter!

I went and studied the 1901 rifle sight in question. It is not 'chipped'. Nor is the unevenness an optical illusion.

'Lead Snowstorm' is correct. That edge (of the front-face of the Leaf) is not quite straight or square. There is a slight amount of metal 'flashing' that the Springfield Sight-Shop didn't 'true up' and this gives the appearance of "irregularity".

Actually, Lead Snowstorm's 1901 carbine sight shows a similar imperfection on the other side of his sight's Leaf.

I guess a little sloppiness there does not cause a problem with sight function .... maybe some of the Sight Shop Employees were feeling a little rough on Monday mornings!

Let's call this manufacturing blemish "The Hosmer Hanging Hinge".
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Re: My first US Krag, an 1899 Carbine

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Hello Monster Man and welcome to the forum! I, too, acquired an 1899 Krag Carbine about a year ago, and joined the forum shortly after that. I am a collector of U.S. service rifles and my Krag filled out my collection from the Civil War (1862 Springfield .58) through the M1 Garand. I probably will not live long enough to see the release of the M-14's from Gov't warehouses, and I am not fond of AR platforms, so no M-16's for me.

Over the years I have been a member of 5 rifle internet forums, and this is the the best of them. The members are very knowledgeable, courtious,and provide detailed responses to members requests for Krag information. ( I just wish it easier to post pictures.)

The only thing I can add to regarding your Krag is that although the rifle is in almost new condition, I suggest you have a competent gunsmith with knowledge of Krags do a safety inspection on your Carbine. As you have probably read or heard, Krag bolts are not as sturdy as the '03 Springfield bolts, and can develop microscopic cracks. In lieu of a gunsmith, you can have an auto repair shop Xray the bolt the same as they do brake drums to check for cracks.

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