Some high numbered model 1899 Krag carbines.

U.S. Military Krags
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Some high numbered model 1899 Krag carbines.

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On another gun forum, someone posted a U-tube Video, by Hickok45, in which he is firing his U.S. Model 1899 carbine.
It is a rather nice 1899 carbine, serial number 420551. Some of the video shows the receiver markings very clearly.
It is marked "model 1899" and not a model 1898 'over-stamp'. It has a real model 1902 carbine sight on the barrel.
A rather interesting carbine!

From the data tables assembled by Bill Mook and the tables in Joe Poyer's Book, I get a likely assembly date of November, 1902.

Years ago, on 'Jouster', Joe Farmer posted about having model 1899 carbine, #420813.
(With J. Farmer's writing style, it was not clear to me if his receiver was marked "1899" or 1898 with a "9" over-strike).
His research indicated only one carbine was produced in 1902, in what he called the 'Fourth Block' of model 1899 carbines.
A Block of one! He thought it possibly was the 1899 carbine in his possession.

It appears the Hickok45 model 1899 carbine may have been produced around the same time as Joe Farmer's. (262 digits apart)

In Mallory's "Krag Rifle Story", appendix 19, page 248, Model 1899 Krag, #420810, is listed as the highest observed model 1899. (3 digits lower than J. Farmer's)
Mallory listed #420457 in his SRS tables - model 99C - 8/1/43 - WWII donation to US Navy. (356 digits lower than Farmer's)

There seem to be at least four model 1899 carbines, noted over the years, in the 420K serial number-range: 420457, 420551, 420810, and 420813. These were possibly assembled in November, 1902.
(Unfortunately, it is not clear if any of these might be 'model 1898' over-stamped with a "9". Number 420551 is clearly not over-stamped).

Mallory's SRS appendix tables list two model 1899 carbines, #368608 & 368774, that are kind of off by themselves with 1898 rifles. These carbines were possibly assembled in January, 1902.
There is no way of knowing if they are 'over-stamped' 1898 receivers, used to make 1899 carbines?

I don't know if there is really such a thing as a "fourth-block" of model 1899 carbines, but, 1899 carbines made in 1902 appear to be rare!

(BTW - The "third-block" of model 1899 carbines, made in 1901, seems to cluster from 340K to 362K).

The highest numbered model 1899 carbine, I have run across, was a presentation piece made for General Frederick Grant in 1903, serial number - 429596.
(Maybe this used a spare 1899 receiver that was set aside and used & numbered at a late date for the special presentation piece)?
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