WTS: Krag and other books

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WTS: Krag and other books

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I have a few Krag and other firearm books for sale to members.

1) Krag Mallory $140 shipped (used with cover wear but book like new and signed by Frank Mallory)
2) Krag Bayonet Hartman (2 copies) (new) $80 shipped
3) Springfield 1903 Brophy (new) $140 shipped
4) Iver Johnson GoForth (new) $100 shipped
5) Military Small Arms of the 20th Century $15 shipped (like new)
6) U.S. Model 1917 Army Fiedl Manual (used) and two other 1917 books $23 shipped
7) Tommy Gun book and Thompson machine Gun magazines $15 shipped (like new)

I canceled my PayPal account because they showed their anti-free speech stance, so, I only accept checks or money order for payment. Anyone interested or with questions, please pm me and I’ll respond as soon as I see it. Thanks, Larry

WHIG for pm
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