BoOF Rifle 389182 for sale

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Dick Hosmer
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BoOF Rifle 389182 for sale

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After years of hemming and hawing about my two, and never having found a third for a stack(!) I will be selling 389182, one of the one hundred (100) BoOF rifles made for trial in 1902. Fellow author, and Krag expert, Joe Farmer owned 389185 at one time - likely still does.

I will offer it here first, following board protocol of course, then expose it to the vultures at Gunbroker.

The rifle is absolutely genuine as to all parts, except the rear sight, and missing upper band. The stock (with nice clear 1902 date) was chopped square 1/4" ahead of the band and will need to be stretched. I will provide an upper band assembly, which will need to be slightly enlarged (this is about a one-hour job with files and emery cloth). I will also provide a reworked M1901 sight with reshaped ramps and proper carbine leaf. The ONLY issue with that sight is that the graduations will be wrong - from two feet away it easily passes for real.

As mentioned in another post, Bubba left some ugly marks on the receiver (for what reason I do not know) but they are covered by the hand guard. The gun itself is kinda on the crusty side, and the bore is quite worn - thus probably not a good shooter. This is for the guy who has a wall full of Krags, but lacks the $5,000+ one - and not only because of the money, but because they are extremely hard to find.

I am NOT looking to get rich on this, at least not here, and am thinking of a much lower figure - if it goes to GB the price will go up . . .

If anyone is interested, to discuss price, make offer, or to ask for pictures, etc. you can reply here, or with a PM, or by email: