Outside Links

Scott Duff at . http://www.scottduff.com. Scott is a full time dealer and collector of US martial arms. A noted author of Garands and a charter member of the KCA. He also sells Krags and related accessories

John Spangler’s site is at http://www.oldguns.net. John carries a variety of US and Foriegn martial arms and has Krag rifles, carbines and accessories for sale. He also offers many other firearms related services. As a collector, he maintains a strong interest in the Krag and is a charter member of the KCA.

Al Frasca’s site is http://www.trapdoorcollector.com. and provides information on the Trapdoor Springfield rifle and carbine. A noted author, Al provides photos and information to Trapdoor enthusiasts. A small portion of his website will occasionally have some Krag related items for sale or trade. Spanish American War historians and students will also find this site very interesting.

Patrick McSherry runs the site www.spanamwar.com. If you are interested in the Spanish American War, this website is for you. Everything from awards to weapons and all other items can be found on this massive site. It is a Spanish American War Centennial Website. Continuously updated and dealing with all aspects of the Spanish American War; site contains unit histories, weapons profiles, first-hand accounts, and much more!

Springfield Reasearch Service is run by Wayne Gagner. He can be reached at waynegagner@yahoo.com.

If you are interested in military weapons of any and all eras and types then you need to check out Man At Arms magazine at http://www.manatarmsbooks.com. Man at Arms Magazine is the magazine for antique gun and sword collectors. Besides producing the world’s premier color magazine for collectors and enthusiasts of old guns and swords, we also publish a large selection of high-quality books about antique weapons.

Richard Hosmer, a long time KCA Member has plenty of photographs available for viewing on his website. You can see them here: http://www.picturetrail.com/sa4570af

The Morolandhistory.com website provides visual images of the little-known history of the United States and the Moros, the Muslims of the southern Philippine Islands in the early part of the 20th Century: http://www.morolandhistory.com